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mettā-bhāvanā  (loving-kindness meditation)

Please feel free to join me for Metta meditation, which takes place every Wednesday at 8.00 pm (GMT/UTC). You can listen to the Dhamma talks and watch the videos (best with headsets) to get a little idea about metta meditation if you are new to it. I can only recommend them, regardless your experiences. Please feel free to send me your comments, suggestions and experiences if you would like to share them.

Enjoy and keep practising :0)

texts on metta

You can find more detailed information about Metta on ‘Metta: The Philosophy and Practice of Universal Love’, by Acharya Buddharakkhita. Also have a look at 'Metta in Action'

dhamma talks on metta (downloadable)

'Metta' by Carol Wilson.
Metta, or loving kindness can develop to a powerful force in out hearts and minds. We only need to start where we are, feeding non-hatred in our minds rather than putting our trust in the habits of fear and ill will.

'Whose Love is it Anyway?' by James Baraz.
Although metta practice can seem dualistic (me sending love to others) it is really an anatta practice that reveals the selfless nature of reality. The love that connects us isn't owned by anyone. This talk includes two guided meditations: 1) metta towards self and 2) seeing ourselves as part of a lineage of benefactors-the love and caring we receive from others passing through us to those we care about and support. Also interesting dhamma talk by him is 'From Cynicism to Love'

'About Metta Practice' by Rob Burbea.
An overview and introduction to the practice of Loving Kindness, and some of the ways it works to bring healing and joy, true nourishment and inner resource, and ultimately transforms the very way we see life.

'Relaxing into Kindness' by Sally Clough Armstrong.
Intensive metta practice can be challenging on many levels – body, heart and mind. One of the most supportive things we can do to deepen the intention of love and kindness is to consciously and deliberately relax; truly relax in mind and body.

'The Heart Unbound' by Mark Coleman.
What is Metta - loving kindness - and how do we work with obstacles and barriers so the heart can be open and free to love.

Introduction to Mettā Meditation Practice: Oneself – All Beings by Venerable Ariya Ñani.
Recorded during Meditation Retreat at Jhāna Grove (Perth), April 2011
Further Dhamma talks about Metta by Venerable Ariya Ñani, including the one listed above, can be found here under the section 'Teachings on & Practice Instructions for Mettā Meditation'.

'Metta For Self, Metta For The World' by Donald Rothberg.
Metta to self is traditionally a starting point for Metta practice. Yet this is challenging for many of us as we work with our pain, judgments and demons. As we develop in Metta to self, we bring Metta out into the world, which deeply needs it. This requires a lot of creativity. We end by exploring the coverage needed to bring Metta into the world, and the need for a "tough metta" – a Metta able to respond to difficult situations, a Metta that is neither passive nor a pushover.

'Befriending the Difficult Person' by Heather Sundberg.
Exploring on the levels of mind-heart-body, including teachings on patience, equanimity, compassion and forgiveness. The talk reflects on befriending the 'difficult' person in metta practice, with the underlying intention of reminding us that we are all in this together; that befriending difficult people can be both workable and transformational and that there are practical tools available to assist us on our journey.

'The Divine Abodes: Lovingkindness' by Tara Brach.
Love is the most basic expression of who we are, and yet it is often obscured by the trance of separation and fear. This talk explores how we habitually armor our hearts, and the training of attention that awakens us to unconditional, all inclusive love. A classic form of the metta (lovingkindness) meditation is part of the talk. nother interesting dhamma talks by her are called 'The Art of Listening' and 'Meditation and Healing Trauma'.

'Obstacles To Metta' by Mark Coleman.
This dhamma talk explores some of the common obstacles to the development of Metta. In particular the force of aversion, self hatred and the 'critic'

'Ending Blame' by Rob Burbea.
Metta and Emptiness (Level 1). Further 'Metta and Emptiness' dhamma talks can be found here.

'Metta: Tenderness and Connection' by Guy Armstrong.
The practice of lovingkindness makes the heart more sensitive to the joys and sorrows of life. It also reveals a deep sense of connection to all sentient existence that overcomes a painful sense of isolation.

'Forgiveness: The Most Tender Part Of Love' by Myoshin Kelley
Forgiveness as a practice will often take us to the edge of what we can accept. Drawing upon qualities of lovingkindness, compassion and patience we can learn to open to our deepest pain.

'It's Lonely Being a Self' by John Peacock
Being a self is a very difficult and lonely process. In this talk the nature of the self is examined through reflections on the Buddhist doctrine of 'not-self' (anatta).

'True Love – Romantic Love' by Mark Coleman.
What is romantic love and how does it compare to metta/boundless love that is the heart's true capacity.

videos on metta

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